Meet Your Limiting Beliefs

Do your limiting beliefs stop you from going where you want to go?

Absolutely nothing limits you more than the lies you tell about yourself.

We all have them. Beliefs. Beliefs about who you are and what you are able to. And probably most importantly: who you are not and what you are not able to. Beliefs about what you deserve, and although it might be hard to admit to most, you also have a pretty good idea about what you don’t deserve. No, I’m not talking about not deserving the bad stuff – in most cases that is pretty obvious and an altogether different conversation. I’m talking about deserving having good things coming your way in a consistent way. In that you on some level know what you are not good enough to have, be or experience.

These are your limiting beliefs: Your main obstacle to being all that you ever can and want to be.

All through life you experience moments of truth that become your guiding beliefs. These moments can be encounters, something you heard, something you saw or pretty much anything. These moments, remembered or not, become your truths because you at some level have agreed to them, consciously or subconsciously. These beliefs enter your well-stacked library of guiding lights that you every single day form your life around in a very consistent way. You learn your own worth in the eyes of others, and in the eyes of your own. You learn what is possible in life. Not possible in life in general, but what is possible for you. Yes, you specifically! It does not matter if you are surrounded by people who have what only seems like a dream to you, whether it be love, wealth, careers, health or anything else worth having. If you don’t believe you can have it, you won’t.

The good news is that many of these so-called truths of yours, is that they are not true. They might be downright lies. Or merely opinions. Definitely not facts. Yet, you have given them all the power of rock hard and indisputable facts. You just know that you will never find your dream partner equally well as you know Paris is the capital of France!

There is usually absolutely no reason why something that is possible for other people should not be possible for you. I am not talking about copying someone else’s happiness, I am talking about finding your own. Your dream is different from mine and everyone else. But if you don’t believe in your dreams, that they are too good to be true, then you are yourself depriving yourself of the chance of getting what you want from life.

“He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right.”


I am therefore challenging you to meet your own limiting beliefs. The limiting beliefs, or mental blocks, that are telling you that life cannot get too great and that you cannot have all that. Who are the real party poopers if you allow yourself to dream big?

-I’ll never meet the perfect guy!

-I’ll never have enough money to do what I want!

-I will never find a job that I’ll enjoy!

-I’ll always weigh too much to feel good about myself.

-My family will never be proud of me.

-I’ll never be able to afford that car.

Write them down, look at them and examine their validity. Question them with specificity: “-What are the specific reasons why I cannot meet the perfect guy?” Avoid asking “why” but instead ask yourself for specific reasons. Asking “why” will only create more fictional stories and in turn new beliefs, while listing specifics will lay bare the invalidity of your limiting beliefs because the reasons you will be able to come up with are usually either unreasonable, obviously false, just plain stupid or all of the above.

The good thing about any untruth is that it must dissolve when met with actual truth. Once a lie has been met with actual truth it will be impossible to keep believing in it. Maybe not instantly, because your attachment to your beliefs, however bad they are, is often well practiced through many years. Still, make a point of taking out your limiting beliefs, look at them and over time replace them with beliefs that serve you, not hinder you.

After all a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. And since your thinking becomes your reality, think new thoughts if your reality is not how you want it.

What are your limiting beliefs, and what would your life look like if you didn’t have them?

Dare to dream big! And know that the only person standing between you and your dreams is yourself – the one person you can actually change.

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